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I recently organized a symposium, “Science Through Narrative: Engaging Broad Audiences,” with invited and contributing presenters from multiple scientific and artistic disciplines. This event took place as a society-wide offering at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology (SICB) in San Francisco in January 2018.

Sketch note artist Shayle Matsuda (@wrong_whale) created these visual summaries from some of the invited talks:

A complete list of speakers and presentations is available on the symposium webpage.

For additional coverage of this symposium, see the SICB press release and posts on Twitter under the hashtag #sci_narrative_2018. You can also learn about the symposium in this article on the PLOS SciComm Blog:

A volume of papers based on several of the symposium presentations is now in press with the peer-reviewed journal Integrative & Comparative Biology, scheduled for publication in mid-December. Some of these papers are already available. Please check back here or join the Science Through Story mailing list for updates!

This symposium was sponsored by: